Advancing paving technologies and practices since the 1940's


Blount Construction Co was originally established in the late 1940’s by Mr. George C. Blount, a former Georgia DOT Engineer, and his son George, Jr. The primary business was top soil base roadway construction with a surface treatment application. In the 1950’s Blount pioneered the soil cement base process in the Atlanta area, while establishing themselves as a respected asphalt paving contractor.

Consistent with the rapid growth of Atlanta during the 50’s, and 60’s, Blount continued to pursue new and better means of roadway construction including adding their own asphalt plants. They purchased one of the first slip-form curb and gutter machines used in the metro area, which helped revolutionized the curb and gutter industry. Because of their willingness to use new and innovative procedures and equipment, Blount continued to grow in all aspects of the industry.

The 70’s was a time when Atlanta began large road projects. Blount was heavily involved in D.O.T. road work, while continuing to work in municipal, commercial and residential paving. During the 1980’s, Blount once again was the innovator and introduced asphalt reclamation to the southeast to help meet the growing needs of environmental issues the industry was facing.

Whether it is starting a project from the ground up, paving or reclaiming old asphalt roadways or parking lots, Blount is capable of providing a complete turnkey package. Blount was and continues to be an innovator willing to invest in new and better equipment and ideas in order to create a better way for the construction industry.
Blount, an ESOP company has grown and changed to meet the needs of an evolving construction industry, while remembering the value of each and every customer and employee.  We have the privilege of working with a majority of the large General Contractors in and around the metro Atlanta area as well as Georgia Department of Transportation and local Cities and Counties. 


We’re 100% Employee Owned


Benefit to Blount Construction Clients:

Employee owners recognize the importance of continuous improvement and innovation. Our culture and procedures are geared to push innovation and quality. Blount Construction Company, Inc. is an ESOP company, rare in the construction industry, which is intended to boost client confidence and produce better outcomes.

When you own a piece of the company, there is additional motivation to provide stellar service. We empower and reward our employees to ensure a job is done well.

Benefit to Blount Employees:

Rewarding employees with benefits like stock ownership and profit sharing helps individuals as well as the company build financial security. Sharing financial rewards acknowledges the collective efforts of many who make success possible. Blount has a long history of sharing with employees and rewarding positive performance. Blount was the first construction company in GA to establish a profit-sharing/pension plan to acknowledge and reward employee contributions.

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