Municipal Grading and Pipework

We have handled major earthwork jobs ranging from commercial shopping center developments to residential developments to highways / access roads. We use a combination approach of old-school pencil-and-paper calculations and the latest estimating software available to provide clear, reliable estimates that can help make sense of it all. Our employees stick with us so you can be sure any decision made in the field is going to be made with a seasoned understanding of what we do.

Deep Excavation

In addition to being able to correctly and safely carry out a deep excavation, a project of this nature also needs to be planned and overseen by a qualified company like Blount who is capable of assessing the specific needs and risks of this type of construction task. Our ability to work in a confined area is the solution for technically challenging deep excavation projects in urban areas.

Trust & Value

Our advantages include a professionally degreed, safety conscious staff, strong relationships with government and local agencies, our own equipment and service shop to speed construction, and we are fiscally strong with a large bonding capacity. We also have in house locating and surveying which makes our projects run safer and faster.

Interstate Application

Interstate Application

Heavy duty roadways endure constant abuse from traffic and exposure to the elements.  Blount Construction exclusively deploys HA5 to get the longest life out of your roads.  This emulsified High Density Mineral Bond is engineered with a near neutral charge that is able to hold a precise blend of fine aggregates.  HA5’s preservation qualities excel at limiting oxidative damage from moisture and UV rays.  Simply put, nothing is better at extending your transportation dollar further.

EAB Benefits

Why choose Expanded Asphalt Base Stabilization? 

It is more resistant to water penetration and it's usually less expensive. The rapid strength gain from use of foamed emulsion means that traffic may be introduced onto the recycled road as soon as compaction is complete. 

Concrete Paving

Concrete is a cost effective and low maintenance surface paving solution. Concrete also has a low resistance making it a premium surface to boost car’s fuel efficiency and minimize tire wear. With different forms of finishing, the top layer of concrete can be grooved to allow for water to flow off of the surface.

Soil Drying

Muddy site conditions make for difficult working conditions making access difficult for construction vehicles. Wet, poorly compacted soil makes for poor pavement support and embankment/fill. Soil drying reduces the soil moisture content improving accessability of the roadway.