Training Employees For The Future

Blount Construction Company has seen many changes over the years. From equipment, to policy and even the nature of information has changed throughout the years. Throughout these changes we have seen one thing stay constant. The need for safety and safety training. No matter what changes in how we perform our duties we must do it safely to get home at night. The many facets of safety keep it a constant subject within our atmosphere. Starting in 2019 Blount has decided we needed a large space to facilitate this positive safety training environment.


In previous years many of our safety and training classes were held either in conference rooms, at our shop, or at outside training facilities. This process was very successful but had its challenges. Getting people to the location and being aware of attendance was challenging. Conference rooms had limited space and they shop was a noisy location. With these obstacles the decision was made to transform the Blount office storage room into a training facility. This 1000sq foot room is large, spacious and capable of more than just storage. Seeing that we could open this room up to use for safety training was a welcome idea to all. With some new paint, a little technology addition and some creative ideas we now have a facility capable of training 30 to 40 people at a time. And with a permanently mounted projector, teachers can teach and move freely without getting in the way of the presentation. All around the new Blount training room will help create a stronger emphasis on safety. Allowing more people in a much smarter and open environment to learn is by far an investment of change into the future of Blount Construction.


With our new training facility, we can open to a host of new training schedules in our future. Not only will we be able to perform our normal trainings like flagger and CPR, but we will also be available to handle operator trainings, OSHA trainings, and many other training schedules that were not previously available due to size and location. With so many new opportunities to stay on the cutting edge of the changing future, the sky is the limit for our safety training schedule this year.

Blog Entry Courtesy of Roy Rogers - In-House Utility Locator for Blount Construction

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Your Hometown Asphalt Supplier

Asphalt has been our signature area of expertise since our humble beginning.  The road to success is always under construction, with two asphalt plants, and many decades of experience Blount has the technical knowledge to provide custom asphalt solutions. We are one of the region’s leading asphalt paving companies. Our asphalt plants give us the ability to the control the cost and quality of our asphalt to ensure a durable end product. Plus, since we are vertically integrated, we can keep projects on schedule and quality high by using virgin materials.

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Fuel for Asphalt Plant Thought

Blount operates two asphalt plants in the state of Georgia – one in Rome and the other in Cumming. As an employee owned company Blount is constantly looking for ways to be more efficient and effective with our product and service lines. Recently, Blount looked into a solution to the high price of diesel fuel. Those prices don’t just affect our equipment operation prices but also our asphalt plants.


Blount converted to Natural Gas plant operations in March 2018 at the Rome facility. So far, according to Tommy Smith – Plant Division Manager, Blount has realized a decrease in emissions and an increase in production a great value to Blount, our customers and the community as a whole.


Natural Gas tends to have a more stable cost association without variable price spikes like diesel and other fuels. It also cuts carbon emissions significantly to decrease Blount’s overall emission footprint.


For our Rome plant the Summerville Natural Gas Department is a reliable supplier and gas can be made quickly available with safe transport and use.

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Safety VS Getting The Job Done

Many times when a company gets a lot of work the stress levels rise and deadlines come quickly. Of course we all like to think of the great things when work is busy. More work means more revenue, which hopefully means more profit. But a scary situation can and often does happen when the deadlines get tight and the stress goes up. That danger is neglecting the smaller items of safety and support. When someone gets injured, that is time out of work that can seriously affect production. Damaged or stolen equipment cost money to replace or repair, and damages to utilities can shut a job down completely. That why as every member of a construction crew, from the estimator, project managers, supervisors, foremen, and even the laborer must understand and know to look out for the little things. We all must be aware of equipment being secured and locked up at the end of the shift. Everyone has to see the dangers that can occur on site and warn others. It’s not just the supervisor’s responsibility; it is every person that works on the crew. Responsible leaders must also make sure they teach and make available the tools and training needed to remain safe and protected. There is never a time that any leader should say they are too busy to make sure of even the simplest safety function. Remembering to lock up a device, could save the company thousands of dollars from theft. Simply saying there is a danger be aware could save someone from painful injuries, or maybe even save their life! There is an old carpenters saying “measure twice, cut once”, that may be true when cutting wood for a job but it also means so much in job safety and security. We should observe safety measures twice, to save ourselves, our money, our lives once. One time is all it takes to lose a life, lose our health, and lose our money.

Blog Entry Courtesy of Roy Rogers - In-House Utility Locator for Blount Construction

Published by: JoAnna Heath

Pay Attention: We Put Safety First

IMG_20541 (1).JPG

We take our responsibility to provide our employees with safe working conditions seriously. We employ a full time safety director and outside consultants to provide continuous safety training and oversight that ensure the safest possible environment in our offices, our plants, and job sites. Our commitment to safety includes the following programs for our employees:


OSHA certification and training

Confined space entry training

CPR, first-aid, and bloodborne pathogen training

Monthly company Drug Free workplace letters

Year-end safety meeting

Daily equipment inspections

Work zone traffic control training

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Wondering how to stretch your budget? We have the answer:

Have you been searching for a Pavement Preservation solution? Chip seal, fog seal, slurry, microsurfacing, patching and overlays are just a few of the wide variety of options. It can be easy to get lost in all of the approaches – we are here to help!

We want to help you take a proactive approach to save time, money, and the roads.

We heard a need from our customers to deliver a solution – with limited budgets – to make their asphalt management plans work. We searched high and low for a product that would fit our high standard of performance. We brought HA5 High Density Mineral Bond to our product offering back in 2014. With an industry best 5 year warranty, Blount stands confidently with HA5 High Density Mineral Bond. We provide an experienced team of HA5 installers with specialized equipment to give you peace of mind knowing that your good roads will stay in good condition and withstand the test of time.


HA5 is a low cost, effective way to save your roadways.



   Published by: JoAnna Heath 


Published by: JoAnna Heath 

Our Drive to Excellent Roads

   There are many factors when working on roads. The traffic, equipment dangers, and unpredictable weather - that’s just naming what’s visible. But what is often forgotten, mainly because they are essentially invisible, are the utilities under the road.  Gas, water, power, cable TV, and phone lines lurk under the surface, sometimes only inches under the asphalt, just waiting to cause havoc on a project.  Damaging one of these utilities can cause outages, delays to the project, and in some cases, injury and death. We don’t like to see utility damages happen. Sometimes they can be unavoidable, but in most cases we can protect against them. Calling 811 and getting utilities marked before hand is very helpful, and it’s the law. Blount also performs utility locating in-house for every project. Using GPR (ground penetrating radar) makes many of our jobs go smoothly by finding these utilities and confirming the locate marks before we even start. Then we can determine what areas we may need to take extra precaution to protect shallow utilities. With this simple extra step it saves us a lot of time, excess physical labor, and makes our journey to giving the public excellent roads to drive on that much easier. So when you are out on the roads be sure to look out for us, not just when we are paving, but also when we are out finding utilities.

Blog Entry Courtesy of Roy Rogers - In-House Utility Locator for Blount Construction

Published by: JoAnna Heath