Safety VS Getting The Job Done

Many times when a company gets a lot of work the stress levels rise and deadlines come quickly. Of course we all like to think of the great things when work is busy. More work means more revenue, which hopefully means more profit. But a scary situation can and often does happen when the deadlines get tight and the stress goes up. That danger is neglecting the smaller items of safety and support. When someone gets injured, that is time out of work that can seriously affect production. Damaged or stolen equipment cost money to replace or repair, and damages to utilities can shut a job down completely. That why as every member of a construction crew, from the estimator, project managers, supervisors, foremen, and even the laborer must understand and know to look out for the little things. We all must be aware of equipment being secured and locked up at the end of the shift. Everyone has to see the dangers that can occur on site and warn others. It’s not just the supervisor’s responsibility; it is every person that works on the crew. Responsible leaders must also make sure they teach and make available the tools and training needed to remain safe and protected. There is never a time that any leader should say they are too busy to make sure of even the simplest safety function. Remembering to lock up a device, could save the company thousands of dollars from theft. Simply saying there is a danger be aware could save someone from painful injuries, or maybe even save their life! There is an old carpenters saying “measure twice, cut once”, that may be true when cutting wood for a job but it also means so much in job safety and security. We should observe safety measures twice, to save ourselves, our money, our lives once. One time is all it takes to lose a life, lose our health, and lose our money.

Blog Entry Courtesy of Roy Rogers - In-House Utility Locator for Blount Construction

Published by: JoAnna Heath