Training Employees For The Future

Blount Construction Company has seen many industry changes over the years, throughout these changes one thing has remained a constant, the safety of our employees. In keeping with our commitment to provide our employees a safe work environment, Blount has utilized outside training facilities or conference rooms that were usually very limited in space. We also faced certain challenges such as logistics and time constraints.

With these obstacles in mind, the decision was made to transform our main office warehouse into a training facility, which is a welcomed idea by all. A little technology, new paint, and a few creative ideas, we now have a facility capable of training 30 to 40 employees at a time. A mounted projector allows trainers to move freely among the participants without getting in the way of the presentation.

Our new training facility will now be able to accommodate a host of training schedules. Not only will we be able to perform our in-house trainings like flagger and CPR, we will also be able to handle operator, confined space, OSHA and many other classes that were previously attended off site. The sky is the limit with our safety training this year.

In all, this training room will help Blount maintain our emphasis on safety while allowing more people to be in a comfortable and practical learning environment. Blount Construction considers this a valuable investment into the future of our Company.

Blog Entry Courtesy of Roy Rogers - In-House Utility Locator for Blount Construction

Published by: JoAnna Heath