Your Hometown Asphalt Supplier

Asphalt has been our signature area of expertise since our humble beginning.  The road to success is always under construction, with two asphalt plants, and many decades of experience Blount has the technical knowledge to provide custom asphalt solutions. We are one of the region’s leading asphalt paving companies. Our asphalt plants give us the ability to the control the cost and quality of our asphalt to ensure a durable end product. Plus, since we are vertically integrated, we can keep projects on schedule and quality high by using virgin materials.

Published by: JoAnna Heath 

Fuel for Asphalt Plant Thought

Blount operates two asphalt plants in the state of Georgia – one in Rome and the other in Cumming. As an employee owned company Blount is constantly looking for ways to be more efficient and effective with our product and service lines. Recently, Blount looked into a solution to the high price of diesel fuel. Those prices don’t just affect our equipment operation prices but also our asphalt plants.


Blount converted to Natural Gas plant operations in March 2018 at the Rome facility. So far, according to Tommy Smith – Plant Division Manager, Blount has realized a decrease in emissions and an increase in production a great value to Blount, our customers and the community as a whole.


Natural Gas tends to have a more stable cost association without variable price spikes like diesel and other fuels. It also cuts carbon emissions significantly to decrease Blount’s overall emission footprint.


For our Rome plant the Summerville Natural Gas Department is a reliable supplier and gas can be made quickly available with safe transport and use.

Published by: JoAnna Heath