Our Drive to Excellent Roads

   There are many factors when working on roads. The traffic, equipment dangers, and unpredictable weather - that’s just naming what’s visible. But what is often forgotten, mainly because they are essentially invisible, are the utilities under the road.  Gas, water, power, cable TV, and phone lines lurk under the surface, sometimes only inches under the asphalt, just waiting to cause havoc on a project.  Damaging one of these utilities can cause outages, delays to the project, and in some cases, injury and death. We don’t like to see utility damages happen. Sometimes they can be unavoidable, but in most cases we can protect against them. Calling 811 and getting utilities marked before hand is very helpful, and it’s the law. Blount also performs utility locating in-house for every project. Using GPR (ground penetrating radar) makes many of our jobs go smoothly by finding these utilities and confirming the locate marks before we even start. Then we can determine what areas we may need to take extra precaution to protect shallow utilities. With this simple extra step it saves us a lot of time, excess physical labor, and makes our journey to giving the public excellent roads to drive on that much easier. So when you are out on the roads be sure to look out for us, not just when we are paving, but also when we are out finding utilities.

Blog Entry Courtesy of Roy Rogers - In-House Utility Locator for Blount Construction

Published by: JoAnna Heath